May 25, 2008


We had a great anniversary trip, spent a couple of days at the bed and breakfast where we were married.



May 19, 2008


We’re still around, just on to other things these days. 2007 was a difficult year in many ways.

2008 is going well and we are celebrating our 3rd anniversary in 2 days.

We got a puppy in January. Her name is Trixie.  She is a black lab mix that looks almost exactly like Mo. Trixie came to be with us by chance.   This past January our next door neighbor took Trixie in from a friend who couldn't keep her with the intention of finding a home for her.  The original owner had planned on either giving Trixie to a shelter or leaving her at a park.  Our neighbor couldn't let this happen.  She had no problem finding a home, right next door!  Even though we were still getting over the loss of Mo, we felt that we were meant to bring Trixie into our family. 


Here she is on her first day with us.


Here is a much more recent photo of her.  She is about 7 months old now.




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