Day One

And we’re off…..

We got up at 2:30am, rushed to Louisville, missed our first flight anyway, caught the next flight, which resulted in a 6-hour layover in Cincinnati. The city from which we’d just rushed out of. Go figure. So, here is what we did to fill the time:





Actually, it is 1:45pm and we are still here.

While you are waiting to see what happens next, you might enjoy some photos from our wedding, courtesy of Chuck Radford:




 Stay tuned…




The arrival of our plane was delayed and when it finally arrived, special cleaning and searches were needed since it had flown in directly from Amsterdam. The Delta counter person seemed literally frightened to make that announcement to the tired crowd at the terminal. “I don’t know how to tell you this, but…”

During the wait, we made friends with a Nigerian couple who had just gotten engaged. They were trying to get back home to Los Angeles and were as tired as we were.




 Our plane

 The flight was long, but the view as we got further west was beautiful. 

 We made it!

 Driving to the hotel in Santa Barbara



That’s all for today. Come back tomorrow – Day 2



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