Day Three

The Coastline Becomes Rugged


We left Santa Barbara with the intention of going straight to Monterey, but took a detour upon the advice of our hostess at the Franciscan Inn. Auntie Carol, as she is known locally, suggested we go inland and visit a Dutch village called Solvang. We did just that.



As many of you know, we’ve planned to house-hunt when we get back from CA, but I think we found our new home out here. Eric has his agent working on it. We took some photos to show you: 

 It’s a little hard to see the details from here, but we thought it was worth checking into.

 This will be our living room. 

 The outdoor pool.                                  

  The indoor pool.

 We should be quite happy here.


Then we continued on our way to Monterey, via the Pacific Coast Highway, in a death-defying drive that we enjoyed but were quite glad when it was over. 

 This was the point at which the road started to get a little “hair-raising.”                            

 You’ll notice how portions of the road have had the need to be “reinforced” over the years.

 We couldn’t help but notice how creative the California Highway Dept. had gotten with their attempts to keep rocks from sliding. To the left you will notice the chain-link fencing that covered the whole wall of this particular stretch.


  And on this section, there was what appeared to be a short fence overlaid with heavy rings of chain mail. We also saw berms of earth built up to stop rock-sliding. However, most of the drive didn’t need to have such measures as these.

 We did have to admit that the view looking down was spectacular.

We would not have missed this drive for the world. It was an experience well worth any risk.


 There is much more to show, but we are tired and hitting the sack in Pacific Grove at the Green Gables Inn, which is right on the bay. In fact, I can hear the waves crashing as I type this. Our room:




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