Eric and Angela take

Pacific Grove, BY STORM


(aka our honeymoon, Day 4)




Ahh, our first day in Pacific Grove.  A beautiful town along the Pacific coast near Monterey.  To start out our day we decided to take a drive along the famous 17 Mile Drive.  This road is famous due to what can be seen as you travel along it, and that it costs $8.50 to do so.




Can anybody guess where we are at based on the last picture above?  Before you state the obvious, it IS a beach.  The answer is at the bottom of the page.







After the 17 mile drive we ended up in downtown Carmel-by-the-Sea.  This is a small town that has a LOT of character.  A bunch of small shops and restaurants all within a 6 x 10 block of streets.  We spent most of the afternoon there exploring the shops and eating at a cute place called the Tuck Box.  The food there was decent but the service was nothing to rave about.  The woman who served us was either having a very bad day or has a horrible disfigurement that makes her look like she just ate something VERY unpleasant.  After taking our order I had to remind her that we also needed something to drink.  <sigh> You just can’t find good help these days.






With our bodies now fed, we decided that it was time to do something about our souls.  So we followed Mission St. until we reached the Carmel Mission, a 300+ year old Spanish mission that is STILL being used as a working Catholic Parish and school.  The mission is unbelievably beautiful.  We spent over 2 hours just wandering around and soaking up the peaceful feelings.







Upon leaving the Mission, we found ourselves with a small dilemma… which car is ours?????  Since the start of our trip we have passed over a DOZEN Sebring convertibles!  Now somebody had the nerve to park one next to ours of the same color!  Luckily the remote control opened just our car. 




Tired from all the walking around we had done, we headed back to the Green Gables for an afternoon rest and a bit of cheese and wine before dinner at Casanova’s.  It was a very good thing that we did.  It turns out that Casanova’s has French, Italian and Spanish selections and has a mandatory 3 COURSE MEAL policy for each patron.  Needless to say we ate VERY well that night and were quite stuffed by the time we were done.  Dinner finished, we attempted to track down the elusive Californian sunset.   Alas, we again were unsuccessful.  It seems that along the central coast of California in the spring, most of the day is overcast.   However, we got to see some people fishing and a little dog having a great time at the beach.





Thus ends day 4 on our honeymoon, aka… Taking California by storm!  Join us for our next exciting day, Day 5.


Oh, BTW in case you haven’t figured out where we were… take a look below.









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