Day Seven


San Francisco




We woke up, had a nice breakfast of fruit & bagels & OJ on our cute Spanish tiled patio:





Then we drove into San Francisco. The first place we visited was the Golden Gate Park in the heart of the city. It was a little difficult to actually get into the park considering that we couldn’t turn left anywhere. After circling a couple times, we parked on the street in a bordering neighborhood and walked over. There are several botanical areas within this park, including a rose garden with countless varieties… 





and the delightful Japanese Tea Garden… 







Next we drove into Chinatown. Let me rephrase – we rode a virtual roller coaster through downtown before arriving at Chinatown. The hills which are the city streets are incredible. Even more incredible is the fact that someone decided this would be a good place to build a town once upon a time and WOW – build they did. The architecture is beautiful.






Having dinner in Chinatown -





 For those who want to ensure the very best in freshness.




We stopped at a lookout point near the bridge on the way back to Sonoma.






We hadn’t really checked out Sonoma itself very much, surprised at what a small, sleepy little town it turned out to be. So, we went exploring and found a number of things to see and do, including mini-golf. Whereupon, Angie proceeded to demonstrate her superior abilities. NOT – Eric showed how it’s done, even getting a hole-in-one on a difficult hole and winning by 8 strokes.







Check back for Day 8.




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