Day Eight


San Francisco again, because ya just can’t see it all in one day



We drove into SF and parked the car at one end of the Golden Gate Bridge and walked across and back.





If you’ve ever wondered how all the ‘Made in China’ stuff gets here, well, this may be the answer –






After retrieving the car, we drove to Lombard Street. We weren’t sure if they actually let cars drive through the squiggly section, but sure enough, they do. So we did.




On to Fisherman’s Wharf…



Upon more than a couple recommendations from friends and family members, we went to Ghirardelli Square and had hot fudge sundaes. Yum.




Deciding to try once more to catch the sunset over the Pacific Ocean, we took the long way back and in case we haven’t mentioned just how remote Hwy 1 is, we were on the verge of running out of gas and also on the verge of panic, when we found the only gas station (and we use that term loosely) for tens of miles in either direction. Eric saw the sign from the highway so we pulled in, very much relieved. However, we couldn’t find the gas pump anywhere and the place looked deserted. We drove around back and saw…



…a single, lonely gas pump in the back of a general store that was also the laundromat and post office in a town with population 55.

We had to drive to the store, 100yds or so away, give the woman our name and pay for gas. Then drive to the pump and press an intercom button to tell her our name before we could receive the gas. The whole incident was hysterically funny, or it could be that we were just so very happy to have been saved. No kidding, had we run out of gas, we woulda been hoofing it along a precarious road that was pretty deserted and getting dark and many many miles away from our hotel. Lucky for us, Eric had the eagle eye when he saw the small sign advertising the gas pump, because the next place we found with gas pumps was about 10 miles away and *closed*.


We missed the sunset, but were happy to just go home and enjoy our last night at the Sonoma Inn.



Day 9




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