Day Nine


We’d like to thank the following people and organizations:



The folks at Delta for getting us safely there and back again


The state of California for its unbelievable beauty and friendliness for giving us a fun way to let our families know what we needed most


Auntie Carol and the staff at the Franciscan Inn in Santa Barbara


Lucia and the staff at the Green Gables Inn in Pacific Grove


The other couples we met at the Green Gables who made it seem like home


The Monterey Bay Whale Watch for an experience we will never forget


Nicki at the visitor info center in Bodega Bay for telling us where to get a picnic lunch and blanket and the perfect beach to have our picnic


Madeleine at the fine arts gift store (sorry to say we can’t remember the name of the place) in Duncan Mills for lively conversation and providing us with the name of the realtor who’s handling our estate purchase


The pigs in the Armstrong Woods State Reserve


The staff at the Sonoma Creek Inn in Sonoma


Rob at the Kunde Estates winery for the tour of the wine caves and all we ever wanted to know about making wine


The young man at the mini-golf place in Sonoma who thoughtfully provided us with ‘props’ – Don’t ask


The Sonoma Police & Fire Depts


Last but not least…..


Our family and friends whose generosity enabled us to enjoy such a fine honeymoon


Thank you!




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What’s next for the newlyweds?


Househunting! Because we can’t spend *all* our time at our new place in CA, we’re looking to buy something small here in the tri-state. You know, just a little place to get away from it all.