Mo’s Recovery



What do you do when you find out something like this?


Lots of research……


We spoke with many people, including Mo’s regular family vet, Dr. Cron, and a specialist recommended by Dr. Naas. This was Dr. Schrader, a board-certified veterinary surgeon, at the CARE Center in Cincinnati.


We also found some very good websites:


a wonderful group on Yahoo – Bone Cancer Dogs, at:


The American College of Veterinary Surgeons at:



There are many more, but these two were the ones found to be most helpful.



It seemed as if there were 2 options:

Amputate the leg, with or without chemotherapy


Say our good-byes and do the unthinkable



Just like that….the world seemed to go gray and get scary. Here was our beloved dog, here were we all, going through this thing. It was so hard to accept. Other than a limp, he was still Mo, full of life, always smiling, always ready to fetch his tennis ball, always there to greet us with a big whole-body wag.


So, we decided that as long as Mo was this full of life, there really was only one option for us.



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